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AZPixels is a Web Applications & UI/UX development company. We build, consult, and maintain websites ranging from mom-&-pop shops to large-scale web applications.

Technology is at the heart of this company, so if you prefer to work with only one company to deliver your entire product, we can do that. We also love to mix our talents with others so if you only need us to supplement specific services, we'd love to help there too.

AZPixels also believes that we can serve your best interest by ensuring you own the product we create for you, your domain, and your hosting account. In other words, you will own and control your assets. For these and many other reasons, we want you to feel comfortable with a web developer you can trust.

JavaScript Front-end Web Applications CSS Custom, modular SASS-based design HTML Semantic, Logical Structure Mobile Responsive and Touch-Based Development Performance Employ the strategies that make a difference Security XSS & CSRF Consultation Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works - Jobs

Recent Work


Uzinggo gave us the graphics, we took it from there. AZPixels did the full project ranging from Database and Server Setup to Front-End Sassy CSS and JavaScript. View Project

Career & Tech Ed.

AZPixels has created a variety of Web Applications for Arizona's Department of Education to facilitate Student Assessments. Projects are not available to public.

Select Italy

Select Italy required a specialized administrative dashboard for their staff to schedule tours for their clients. AZPixels was happy to create an improved UI/UX experience to increase productivity.


A BIG thanks to Brad Westfall again for a great presentation on CSS Structure conflict. He offered some great insight on the pros and cons of different css layout techniques, and I know I learned quite a few things. Matt McCabe, Arizona Software Community
Perfect, thank you so much Brad! In case you didn't already know this I want you to know that we absolutely love working with you and we are so fortunate that Ricardo introduced you to us and brought you into this project. Ryan Hill, Uzinggo
Brad, I am loving the system! So much more user friendly than the last time I entered assessments (which was a few years ago)! Thank you for all your hard work on this. It has made [our] job a whole lot more pleasant!!!! Lynne Storms - Career and Technical Education, Arizona
[Regarding Linux Consultation] I found Brad knowledgeable, professional, and very easy to communicate with. More than helpful, he made the experience enjoyable. I would not hesitate to hire him again, and look forward to working with him in the future. Bruce Sandig, LiquaMedia
[Regarding RockIT Bootcamp] I'd like to sincerely thank Brad, Brig, Connor, Daniel, Dominick, and Graeme for creating and implementing a program that stands head-and-shoulders above our nearest competitor. Fredrick Dominy, Student
Brad is just so amazing! Brad's Mom